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Get Caught Up on Constantine: Stream All 13 Episodes for a Limited Time

Get Caught Up on Constantine: Stream All 13 Episodes for a...

By Tim Beedle Friday, April 24th, 2015

Who says there's no heaven for Hellblazers? For the next two weeks, you can stream all of Constantine's first season for free.

Last February, the thirteenth episode of Constantine aired on NBC, putting the cap on a killer first season that earned the DC and Vertigo Comics adaptation a devoted base of fans. Since then, all’s been relatively quiet on the Constantine front…until now.

Today, NBC announced that they were making all 13 episodes of Constantine available for streaming on, Hulu and VOD for a limited time. If you missed out on Constantine when it originally aired or only caught a few episodes, there’s never been a better time to catch up. Over the course of its season, Constantine quickly developed into one of the more faithful comic book adaptations we’ve seen so far—taking its tone and story cues largely from Vertigo’s Hellblazer.

If you haven’t yet seen it, you should. If you have, now’s a great time to rewatch it, especially if you’re on Twitter. Many of the show’s stars and writers will be live-tweeting select episodes over the next three days, giving you an opportunity to go deeper into the world of John Constantine as you stream the episodes.

Here’s the schedule, along with links to the appropriate Twitter accounts (all listed times are PST):

CHRISTINE BOYLAN - Friday 4/24 @ 11:00am - Danse Vaudou 

CHRISTINE BOYLAN and MICHAEL JAMES SHAW (Papa Midnite) - Friday 4/24 @ 12:00pm - Angels and Ministers of Grace

MATT RYAN (John Constantine) - Friday 4/24 @ 1:00pm - The Saint of Last Resorts, Pt. 1

MATT RYAN and JONJO O'NEILL (Gary Lester) - Friday 4/24 @ 2:00pm - Feast of Friends

BRIAN ANTHONY - Friday 4/24 @ 5:00pm - Quid Pro Quo 

DANIEL CERONE - Friday 4/24 @ 6:00pm - Pilot

ROCKNE O’BANNON - Friday 4/24 @ 7:00pm - The Darkness Beneath 

ANGELICA CELAYA (Zed) - Saturday 4/25 @ 10:00am - The Darkness Beneath 

SNEHA KOORSE - Saturday 4/25 @ 11:00am - Blessed are the Damned 

ANGELICA CELAYA - Saturday 4/25 @ 1:00pm - Angels and Ministers of Grace

MARK VERHEIDEN - Saturday 4/25 @ 8:00pm - The Saint of Last Resorts, Pt. 1

DAVITA SCARLETT - Sunday 4/26 @ 2:30pm - A Whole World Out There

DAVID S. GOYER - Sunday 4/26 @ 7:30pm - The Devil’s Vinyl 

As is typical with these, the schedule is subject to change and you should follow the writers or actors Twitter accounts for the latest updates.

The episodes themselves will only be available for streaming for fourteen days, so make sure you watch them quickly. Come May 8, 2015, they’ll disappear like a swirl of cigarette smoke.

Click here to stream Constantine on It’s also available for streaming on Hulu and On Demand.