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Preview Monday: The Dark & Bloody #6!

Preview Monday: The Dark & Bloody #6!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, July 11th, 2016

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week we bring you a special look at the final issue of THE DARK & BLOODY #6!

In the final issue of THE DARK & BLOODY, Iris must face the demons of his past as Ayah, the young cursed girl, has taken Iris’ son hostage, and plans to kill them all. In order to save the life of his son, his wife and his unborn child, he must not only confront Ayah, but who he is deep down.

Iris will have to look inside his self for the strength he never had to stop the brutal murder of Ayah’s family. Only then, does he have a chance to save his own. Find out more by reading the epic conclusion of THE DARK & BLOODY #6 from writer Shawn Aldridge and artists Scott Godlewski, Patricial Mulvihill (colors), and Clem Robins (letters)!