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Preview Monday: The Sheriff of Babylon #9!

Preview Monday: The Sheriff of Babylon #9!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, August 1st, 2016

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week we bring you a special look at THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON #9!

In this week’s THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON, the US ops team is ready to shut down Abu Rahim, and their best bet is Sofia Al Aqani. Sofia will make herself a mark by luring Rahim to her home, and offering Nassir as bait.

As the operation is underway, officer Chris Henry becomes increasingly uneasy with the way it’s being handled, and putting Sofia and Nassir in jeopardy. Soon he will discover that there are also men on the inside that are more foe than friend. Will the warlord Abu Rahim fall for the trap? Find out more in this issue of THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON #9 from writer Tom King and artists Mitch Gerads!