Scott Snyder talks AMERICAN VAMPIRE continues, with a look towards issue #6

Scott Snyder talks AMERICAN VAMPIRE continues, with a look...

By DCE Editorial Friday, August 6th, 2010
When designing the cover for AMERICAN VAMPIRE #6, we wanted something really bold, to announce the new cycle, but we also wanted to be consistent with the feel of the covers that came before. It was a tough job - but as always, Rafa was an incredible trooper, and produced a number of great sketches and ideas. The first two he did were more abstract, more graphic. The first I loved (but was a little too noir-ish), and the 2nd I loved even more. av6_layoutdraft1 av6layoutdraft2 But ultimately, we decided that it didn't have enough in common with the covers of 1-5. So Rafa went back to the table and came up with #3, which stunned all of us with how perfect it was. 15432_180x270 It has so much of what cycle 2 is about embedded in it. Because cycle 2 is a murder mystery that takes place in the Las Vegas of the 1930's, a city growing too fast for itself while the rest of the country is suffering through the Depression. It'll introduce new characters, both human and vampire, and also feature the return of all the big players from cycle 1 - Pearl, Skinner, Henry, Felicia (Book's daughter). It'll expose dark secrets about vampire evolution and vampire history, and reveal even more about the mythology behind the world of American Vampire. Can't wait to hear what you think! S.