Sneak Peek inside GHOSTS featuring “The DeadBoy Detectives in Run Ragged ”

Sneak Peek inside GHOSTS featuring “The DeadBoy Detectives...

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Monday, September 24th, 2012


Just in time for Halloween, Vertigo has compiled a slew of dark and dangerous stories that are primed to get you in the spirit! GHOSTS is an anthology of short stories showcasing both major talents and newcomers in the industry. Arriving in stores on October 31, this collection features a space heist on a ghost ship, a spirit who wants to play synthesizer in a techno band, a ghost-for-hire haunting agency and other dark and twisted tales best read under the sheets with a flashlight.


This week we’re spotlighting a piece of art from several of the stories included in the collection. First up, Neil Gaiman’s DeadBoy Detectives return in “The DeadBoy Detectives in Run Ragged,” a story written by noted British novelist Toby Litt.


“Working on "Run Ragged" has been exceptionally good fun!  I am once again getting to play in Neil Gaiman's wonderful world of the Sandman, and draw Charles and Edwin for the first time in nearly twenty years (last time was briefly in the Swamp Thing Annual during the Children's Crusade), says artist Mark Buckingham. “It is also always a treat to work with a new writer and I am loving Toby Litt's story, with its equal measures of humour and horror. Best of all I am drawing layouts for my good friend and Spanish superstar artist Victor Santos. It has been really inspiring swapping sketches and ideas with him as we have worked. This has been a genuine artistic collaboration and the whole thing has been very liberating. I would love to do more things like this in the future!”


Now, check out the inked page drawn by Mark Buckingham (FABLES) and inked by Victor Santos (FILTHY RICH) below.