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The Roundup: 75 Years in a Flash

The Roundup: 75 Years in a Flash

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Wow, is it really already 2015? What happened to 2014? I swear, the whole year seemed to pass in a flash.

Which is fitting considering what year we’re now in. Among many other things, 2015 is the 75th Anniversary year of our favorite Scarlet Speedster, the Flash. Of course, he wasn’t fully scarlet when he debuted, and he wasn’t Barry Allen. He was the silver-helmeted Golden Ager known outside the costume as Jay Garrick. However, we feel like all of our past and current Flashes deserve to be celebrated this year, which is why we’ve devoted an entire month of variant covers to them. This month, look for special Flash 75th Anniversary variant covers on some of your favorite New 52 comics. Like this quirky tableau from DETECTIVE COMICS #38. We need more ostriches in comics!

As for the comics, well there’s plenty of good stuff there as well. Over in Action Comics, Superman’s been busy in Smallville dealing with a monstrous threat. (Yes, even more monstrous than Doomsday.) We’re still learning what that threat is, but we know it’s horrific and it seems to have come from the Phantom Zone. Of course, for Superman the biggest problem when it comes to attacks on Smallville will always be making sure his lifelong attachment to the town’s residents doesn’t interfere with his ability to be effective in protecting the town. Which is easy enough to say, but for a Man of Steel who’s still dealing with his inability to save Lana’s parents during the Brainiac attack, putting the philosophy in action is another matter entirely.

Of course, we can’t look at this week’s comics without discussing Fairest, which wraps up with this week’s standalone FAIREST #33, written by Fairest and Fables creator Bill Willingham. This issue, illustrated by the amazing Meghan Hetrick, revisits the villainous Goldilocks, who has her sights set on conquest. Will the bad guys—or girl—win in the end? Well, just because the series is called Fairest, doesn’t mean it’s going to end that way…

The conclusion of Fairest precedes the final issue of the long-running Fables, which wraps up its magnificent run a bit later this year. Look, if you’re reading this on the DC site and you’ve never read Fables, it’s time to give it a try. With over 140 issues, plus numerous spinoffs and original graphic novels, there’s literally a kingdom’s worth of great comics for you to discover. So what are you waiting for?

Along with Fairest and Action Comics, this week you can look for new issues of Earth 2, Batman Eternal, Swamp Thing, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Wolf Moon, The Names and more. Check out previews of all of them below…

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