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The Roundup: A Wonder-ful Run

The Roundup: A Wonder-ful Run

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Writing thirty-five issues of a series is a considerable undertaking for anyone, but when they’re thirty-five of the most critically acclaimed, character-defining issues in modern super hero comics, that’s something worthy of celebration and maybe a little awe. So it is with Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s  Wonder Woman, which wraps up this week after over three years of phenomenal, intelligent storytelling with WONDER WOMAN #35.

Launching the series in September, 2011 as a part of The New 52, Azzarello and Chiang offered readers a far different take on the Amazonian Princess’s monthly ongoing than any that had come before, with a new emphasis on world building and—in much the same way Geoff Johns did with Green Lantern—expanding the book’s pantheon of supporting characters. This was done through a slowly building storyline that comes to a thrilling head in this week’s issue #35. Sadly, all things must end, but rest assured the story goes off on a great note and leave things in a perfect place for the new Wonder Woman creative team of David and Meredith Finch.

And speaking of Diana, are you guys reading Sensation Comics? Debuting last August, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman is our second ongoing Wonder Woman comic, and it’s about as far from Azzarello’s take as you can get. Featuring short stories set outside continuity, it’s perfect for anyone who likes their Wonder Woman tales to be short and sweet, but also fully realized. Even better, it features an amazing mix of artists and writers, some new, some well known, and some who are quite popular, but haven’t done work for DC Comics before. This week’s SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN #3 boasts contributions from Gilbert Hernandez, Marguerite Sauvage, Amy Mebberson, Sean E. Williams and Ollie Masters!

Finally, we’d be greatly remiss if we didn’t point out all of our amazing annuals hitting the stands this week. Look for extra-sized helpings of some of your favorite heroes with new annuals for Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing, Justice League United and the “scenticular” Harley Quinn! Look for previews of all of these comics and more below.

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