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The Roundup: These Kids are All Right

The Roundup: These Kids are All Right

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Why should the adults have all the fun? While here at, we tend to think of characters like Kal-El, Bruce Wayne, Diana of Themyscira and Hal Jordan as ageless, they’re clearly well over the legal drinking age. And that’s fine. It allows us to believably present Bruce Wayne as a brilliant entrepreneur and philanthropist overseeing a multi-billion dollar company when he’s not fighting crime, or Hal Jordan as a former test pilot who would be a logical candidate for a Green Lantern ring. There’s a level of drama that’s only possible when our characters are adults.

Of course, that’s equally as true for younger characters as well. This week marks the launch of the all new Teen Titans with TEEN TITANS #1, brought to you care of the new creative team of Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort. As Pfeifer discussed in a recent DC All Access clip, this new series makes full use of today’s social media-obsessed youth culture, offering a truly of-the-moment take on the classic teen team. Can secret identities be maintained in a 24-hour world of tweets and selfies, where everyone on the planet has a video camera in their pocket?

While we’re on the subject of young heroes, we’d be lax if we didn’t mention ROBIN RISES: OMEGA #1, the extra-sized comic that kicks off writer Peter J. Tomasi’s interstellar epic featuring the Dark Knight and that promises to culminate with the return of the Boy Wonder. (Though whether that Boy Wonder will be Damian Wayne or someone else, is still a mystery.) After this week’s Omega, the “Robin Rises” storyline continues in the ongoing Batman and Robin, so don’t miss out.

Is Comic-Con really only a week away?! How did that happen? It feels like just a year ago that we were heading down to San Diego to talk Man of Steel, “Trinity War” and “Zero Year.” Well, we’ll be back again this year, and you know who’s tagging along? Harley Quinn! Okay, not exactly, but whether you’re going to SDCC or not, you don’t want to miss HARLEY QUINN INVADES COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO #1, the extra-sized, extra-meta one-shot that promises to skewer all that we know and love about July’s yearly extravaganza. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda talked up the comic on DC All Access recently (seeing a trend here?), so be sure to check that out.

While you’re at it, you should also check out our previews of the newest issues of Batman Eternal, The New 52: Futures End, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Batwoman, Fables and all of the rest this week’s comics. You’ll find links for all these and more below…

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