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Titans: The Robins Square Off in New Episode Pics

Titans: The Robins Square Off in New Episode Pics

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Last Friday’s Titans made geek history as it introduced us to our very first live action Jason Todd, as played by the delightful Curran Walters. As any good Bat-fan knows, Jason has quite a bit of history in the DC Universe, and while it’s unlikely we’ll see it unfold on Titans, there’s something satisfying about knowing that while Dick Grayson is discovering who he is with the Titans, the rest of the DC Universe is chugging along in the background. In this week’s episode, the two Robins will be forced to work together, and judging by the most recent episode photos, it goes about as well as you could expect.

But honestly, would you want to see these guys get along? And while we’re asking questions, who’s the guy with the seriously jacked-up face? Talk about things turning ugly…

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