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Poll: Which Rebirth Mystery Has You the Most Puzzled?

Poll: Which Rebirth Mystery Has You the Most Puzzled?

By Tim Beedle Thursday, June 30th, 2016

One of the more interesting aspects of Rebirth is that while Wally, Bruce and the rest of the DC Universe may not know who’s been messing with their reality, readers do. Or rather, they do if they’ve read Geoff Johns’ DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH.

However, there are plenty of other mysteries that don’t yet have answers in Rebirth, and some could have major repercussions for our favorite heroes and villains. Who are Gotham City’s two newest heroes? How did someone manage to deceive Wonder Woman about…well, seemingly everything? And what the heck is the Red Dawn? All of these questions leave us with another mystery of sorts: Which Rebirth mystery has you the most puzzled?

We figured we’d try to solve this one by running a reader poll. Please vote for your favorite of Rebirth’s current mysteries below, and please let us know why you chose the one you did in the comments!

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