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Doom Patrol: New Teaser Trailer and Character Posters Unveiled

Doom Patrol: New Teaser Trailer and Character Posters...

By Tim Beedle Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Doom Patrol, the DC Universe original series that brings the classic superteam to live action for the first time (not counting their debut on Titans), came out of the gate swinging with a new holiday teaser and a series of distinct character posters. And if these initial glimpses are anything like what we can expect when the series debuts on February 15, 2019, then strap in. We’re in for a wild, weird, wonderful time.

The 30-second teaser takes the form of a holiday photo shoot—something that even superpowers can’t make any easier, it seems. It’s short and gives us no clue as to the plot of the series, but combined with the Doom Patrol’s Titans episode, allows us to get a sense of much of the team's personality. Elasti-Girl has a flair for the dramatic and the domestic, Negative Man goes with the flow, Crazy Jane is sarcastic and cynical (or at least, this personality is), Robotman just wants to fit in. The big mysteries are Cyborg—who we’re seeing for the first time—and the Chief, who will be played by Timothy Dalton on the series after Bruno Bichir originated the role on Titans. We’ll have to see more of them to start getting a sense of what they add to this colorful, bizarre pastiche of personalities.

In addition to the teaser, DC Universe has released six eye-grabbing character posters, each one clearly inspired by a different genre or era of entertainment. Elasti-Girl’s noirish one-sheet looks like it could have come straight from a 1940’s crime caper were it not for her malformed legs. In contrast, Robotman’s neon slick poster is pure 1980s cheese, while Crazy Jane’s owes its aesthetic to grindhouse. Fans will likely debate which is the best, but there’s no disagreement when it comes to the result—we can’t get more Doom Patrol fast enough.

As you can see, the Doom Patrol premiere isn’t all that far away, so make sure you’re subscribed to DC Universe so you don’t miss out!