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LEGO Batman Drops a Sweet New Single

LEGO Batman Drops a Sweet New Single

By Tim Beedle Friday, February 3rd, 2017

In “Who’s the (Bat) Man,” the LEGO Batman Movie hero sings about a few of his favorite things—namely, his skill at fighting super-villains and his perfectly plastic physique.

LEGO Batman sure seems to like the sound of his own voice, which means he must be a BIG fan of Patrick Stump. The Fall Out Boy singer and guitarist provides Batman’s singing voice for his spotlight song in the upcoming, heavily anticipated LEGO Batman Movie.

“Who’s the Bat (Man)” is a loud, heavy anthem that’s perfectly in keeping with the effective, if rather egotistical little hero, and it’s sure to land on many a Comic-Con playlist in the years ahead. Rapping about his “buns of steel,” how he’s absolutely not Bruce Wayne and how he loves turning Two-Face “to Black-and-Blue Face,” it’s a hilarious highlight in a film that’s already bursting with knowing laughs.

With the release today of The LEGO Batman Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, we’re giving you a first listen of this giddy new track. We also spoke to Stump about what it’s like singing for Batman, how he managed to avoid cracking up during recording and whether he’d invite Batman to join his band.

Now pay attention! Batman is in the house!

So back when you joined your first band, did you ever think you’d be singing songs for LEGO super heroes?

No way! I never thought I'd be a successful musician or writer or anything (and now I kind of get to sing/act in a Batman and LEGO movie, so that's beyond crazy).

I'm pretty sure if you listen through most of Fall Out Boy's material, you can hear my unabashed love of Danny Elfman's score for 1989’s Batman. I try to hide it, but I hear it all over the place. That score is one of my biggest musical influences. It was the first melody I remember plunking out on my brother's Casio. I love that they still use that score in a lot of the LEGO Batman games. Plus I definitely love LEGO. My older brother and I also always had a pile of LEGOs in the center of our room for like a solid six years!

Between the ’60s TV show theme and his “No Parents” song in The LEGO Movie, Batman’s given us some pretty memorable tunes over the years. How did you get involved in the latest of these?

I'm really not sure, to be honest! Essentially, I auditioned. I heard they were looking for the singing voice for one of the characters (I won't spoil who's singing voice I am), and I sent in a recording of myself singing Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" in character. I impersonated one of the main cast members, but as a singer. It was a ton of fun to do, and the film is just so hilarious and spot on with what I'd want to see from a Batman (or LEGO) film, so I was giggling to get to do it. 

The lyrics to this song are absolutely ridiculous. How hard was it to get through the song without cracking up?

I never got through it without cracking up! Haha. But it also did help that I wasn't really singing as myself. I got to be a character and so that made it easier not to laugh. Still, there are times when I couldn't help but smile and laugh. I mean, the rogues gallery! They really dip into some of my favorite forgotten costumed weirdos in this one. 

LEGO Batman talks a lot about how great of a musician he is. Would you let him into your band?

Oh, no way. I don't think LEGO Batman wants to be in my band. I think Batman's a solo artist and you either work for him or not at all. So maybe he'd let me be in HIS band? That's a big maybe though because I'm not sure I'd make the cut for him. 

And finally, how important is it for a super hero to always pay his taxes? Batman seems very proud of it.

Oh yeah, Batman's got to pay his taxes. Bruce Wayne is probably personally worth more than the GDP of several countries!

The LEGO Batman Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring “Who’s the (Bat) Man” and songs by DNCE, Alex Aiono, Kirsten Arian, Justin Tranter, and more, is now available through iTunes, Spotify, Target and other retailers. Plus, look for the special vinyl edition!