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Titans: The Heroes Get the Spotlight in Four New Trailers

Titans: The Heroes Get the Spotlight in Four New Trailers

By Tim Beedle Friday, September 28th, 2018

Together, they’re DC’s premiere young superhero team. But what are the Titans like as individuals? We got our first sense of that yesterday when DC Universe unveiled four new character-based trailers for their upcoming original series. Each one focuses on a different hero, and while they’re not long, they offer compelling glimpses into their personalities, histories and motivations.


Dick’s trailer features a quick look at the Flying Graysons and suggests that the series may delve into his iconic origin. It also reveals why he’s split from Batman.



The shortest and simplest of the four spots, Raven’s trailer reaffirms that the darkness that she constantly struggles to keep in check will be very much present…and that her ability to keep it from consuming her may be more precarious than we realized.



Kori’s trailer may be the most surprising, suggesting she’s not fully aware of who she is and why she can do the things she can do. However, a glimpse of some alien writing is enough to assure us that we know what’s happening…even if she doesn’t.


Beast Boy

And then there’s Gar, whose trailer is by far the funniest of the four (as it should be!). He looks pretty great as a tiger, and hey, he’s a Batman fan!


So, what do you think of the new trailers? Which one is your favorite? Anything you noticed that we didn’t? Let us know all of your thoughts down below, and don’t forget to catch the premiere of Titans on October 12th, exclusively on DC Universe!