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Leveling Up: DC FanDome Targeted for Big Suicide Squad Game Reveal

Leveling Up: DC FanDome Targeted for Big Suicide Squad Game...

By Nick Mindicino Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

If you’re a gamer and you’re looking to know the score, you’re in the right place! Leveling Up is a recurring feature here at in which Nick Mindicino discusses the past, present and future of DC in video games.

It was August 7. Just a regular day here at Leveling Up as we awoke to painfully realize it wasn’t August 22 and we couldn’t storm the virtual gates of DC FanDome yet. Patience may be a virtue but us gamers don’t like buffering—we just want our info and to jump straight into the action. In fact, we had a full itinerary planned for the day that included pacing, staring at the ceiling, sighing for extended periods of time, and of course performing our finger stretches to stay limber.*

*Note: We also hear it’s good to fill your day with other activities.

But then Rocksteady, the studio behind the acclaimed Batman: Arkham franchise, kicked down our doors and scrambled our brains with the tease of the year: they’re working on a new DC game and we’re going to learn all about it at DC FanDome. Armed with just one statement plus a couple of hashtags, they confirmed months of speculation and opened a forum for much more by releasing a cryptic piece of art that got the whole internet talking.

Antiheroes Take the Stage

So, let’s dive into this thing. For starters, it’s a Suicide Squad game, which means that some of the DC Universe’s most infamous criminals are going after someone or something. And, by the looks of it, that someone or something goes by the name of Superman. With a big target on his head (cleverly pulling double duty as both a reticle and an awesome new Suicide Squad title treatment), something certainly seems off about the Man of Steel in this image.

Has quarantine just not been kind to the big fella? Is Superman now a full-blown bad apple? Is there a larger, more sinister force at play here? Can we count on other members of the Justice League to pitch in throughout this mission?

Well, the DC FanDome schedule would seem to indicate that we may not be able to. That’s because the schedule revealed the game’s title: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Wait, we’re going to do what?! And we’re going to do it to who?! THE Justice League? Going up against Superman seems like a tall enough order, but, if we’re factoring in anyone else who hails from the Hall of Justice, then we’ve clearly got our hands full with this one.

Counting the Days

But for now, our hands are empty. Womp womp.

All that’s left to do is jump into the DC FanDome on August 22 so we can feast our eyes and ears on what Rocksteady has in store for us. We’re less than a week away, folks! So, let’s take some deep breaths and try to mentally prepare for what’s to come.