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First Look: Tim Drake Gets a Case...and a Boyfriend!

First Look: Tim Drake Gets a Case...and a Boyfriend!

By Tim Beedle Friday, December 10th, 2021

Tim Drake stars in his first story since coming out in this sneak peek at next week’s Batman: Urban Legends #10

It’s been quite a year for Tim Drake.

It started off with Robin #3 becoming more or less immortal (at least in one possible future) before making his live action debut in HBO Max’s Titans. But the big moment arrived relatively unexpectedly, nestled deep in the pages of August’s Batman: Urban Legends #6, when the former Boy Wonder came to a life-altering realization about his feelings for his longtime friend Bernard and asked the young man out on a date. While that hasn’t been the last time we’ve seen Tim—he’s been a big part of “Fear State” over in the other Bat-books—it was the last time we checked in on his personal life.

Until now, that is.

In next week’s new issue of Batman: Urban Legends, Tim Drake returns to the anthology comic with a holiday story called “A Carol of Bats.” Brought to stylish visual life by artist Alberto Albuquerque Jimenez, the story is written by Meghan Fitzmartin, the writer behind his recent coming out and who has shown a true love and understanding of Tim Drake since authoring his DC Future State adventure, Future State: Robin Eternal. In this exclusive first look at Batman: Urban Legends #10, Tim finds himself troubled by Bruce’s state of mind, which is having an impact on Tim’s recent happiness and his new relationship with Bernard. Will solving a new case together be just the thing to help, or will it add to the sudden distance that Tim feels growing between him and the man who helped raise him? Check out the preview and grab the full issue next week to learn if it’ll be a happy holiday for Tim and his two most important relationships!


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Batman: Urban Legends #10, featuring the story “A Carol of Bats” by Meghan Fitzmartin, Alberto Albuquerque Jimenez and Nick Filardi, will be available in print and as a digital comic book on Tuesday, December 14.