Amy Winston just wanted to know where she came from—but she soon realized that some questions might just be better left unanswered.

Amy spent most of her childhood moving from town to town with her mother, who trained her every day in self-defense and swordplay and never revealed the reasons why, much to Amy’s annoyance. However, on her 17th birthday, Amy finally received the answers she was looking for when her mother told her the truth of her birth—sending her on an incredible journey as Amaya of House Amethyst, a Princess of Gemworld!

Once on Gemworld, Amy’s appearance alters to reflect that of her family’s heritage, and she gains vast magical powers associated with House Amethyst. Coupled with her skill at swordplay and defense, Amy finds herself a formidable force in this new fantastical realm ripe with untold danger.

A girl of two worlds, Amy must come to terms with her responsibilities as a princess while trying to survive the machinations of her newfound family members and the other ruling Houses vying for power.

Character Facts

Wields the magic of House Amethyst


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Real Name

Amy Winston

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