Beast Boy

As a child, Garfield Logan contracted a rare illness that nearly killed him. It was only an untested serum administered by his parents that saved his life—and granted him an amazing ability that led to him becoming the shape-changing super hero known as Beast Boy.

Beast Boy can transform into any animal he has seen—both in real life and in illustrations. Gorillas, rhinos, sharks and even dinosaurs are within his nimble reach. His powers allow him to alter his entire body mass, permitting him to morph into animals larger, smaller, lighter or heavier than himself. He can even radically alter his body structure to form beasts such as snakes, jellyfish or insects. While in animal form, Garfield retains his unusual skin coloration, however, he also gains the abilities of each animal, whether it’s the strength of a gorilla or the speed of a cheetah.

Upbeat, flirtatious and a bit of a joker, Beast Boy retains an air of affability at almost all times. Quite a feat, considering the loss of his parents, his rough childhood under a foster father and the physical changes brought to his skin and hair color due to the serum. Although he often uses his humor to hide the emotional pain he suffered from these hardships, the bonds he’s formed with his fellow super heroes has lessened his pain, and he trusts and loves his friends completely.

Character Facts

shapeshifting, animal-driven abilities
Real Name

Garfield Logan

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