Death is only the beginning... Well, at least it is for murdered trapeze artist Boston Brand. Once a famed circus performer, Brand now walks the Earth between the realms of life and death as Deadman, tasked with discovering the truth of his murder and forced to help those destined to repeat his sins.

Enthralled by fame and wealth, Boston Brand took his loyal family and friends for granted and wasted his skills with a shallow existence based on fortune and glory. But after his death, he was sentenced to a unique penance: a ghost charged with solving his own murder and preventing others from going down the same wrong path that he did.

Deadman is able to possess any living person on the planet, inhabiting their bodies and inheriting all their skills. With a newfound perspective on his past, Deadman is increasingly compelled to help the living, forever leaping from body to body and showing others how to appreciate life in all the ways he failed to. Selfish and single-minded while alive, Boston Brand never learned to live until he died—moving through the lives of others, inhabiting their bodies, fixing their problems, and hopefully, atoning for his own sins in the process.

Character Facts

spiritual possession, invisibility, intangibility, supernatural knowledge, flight


Real Name

Boston Brand

First Appearance

Former circus performer

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