FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics

The laws of physics are supposed to be constant. Unwavering. Dependable. But if that were true, we wouldn’t need the Bureau.

Gravity has started failing, wandering wormholes have become commonplace, quantum tornadoes are wreaking havoc on the Midwest, and if you’re not careful, you just may come home to find that your neighborhood has been whisked to some unknown corner of the Multiverse. No, it appears the laws of physics are no different than all other laws. They’re not immune to getting broken.

In response to the growing number of scientific disasters, the United States government created the FBP—The Federal Bureau of Physics. Staffed by men and women of science and action alike, the agents of the FBP are the first line of defense against a world gone wacky. Adam Hardy is one such agent. Young, talented and smart, he’s more than capable, but less than driven. At least until he’s faced with a conspiracy involving his father’s death. Now, Adam must rise to the challenge, unravel this great mystery of science and figure out just what’s wrong with the FBP—and the world.


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Science Fiction

Main Characters

Adam Hardy

Date of First Publication

July 2013

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