Killer Frost

After gaining the ability to absorb heat from living beings and to project cold and ice, Caitlin Snow emerged a changed woman—and became the villain Killer Frost.

Sociopathic by nature, Killer Frost’s icy exterior matches her chillingly cold interior. Militant and sadistic, she enjoys killing and feels no remorse when taking another’s life. Frost constantly finds herself at odds with the hero Firestorm, whose vast output of energy provides a massive power source for the villain. And when it comes to unlimited power, Frost will kill anyone in her way to get it.

Killer Frost’s ability to figuratively and literally chill anyone to the bone and her wanton disregard of life make her an incredibly dangerous foe—one who not only wants to kill but also takes pleasure in doing so.

Character Facts

cryogenic ability, fatally absorbs heat from living creatures


Real Name

Caitlin Snow

First Appearance

Former scientist

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