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The Hot Zone Club piles on new members as Switzer's squad of party hearty soldiers continues to get it on under fire — going up against insurgents who have dared commandeer that ultimate icon of Americana: the local mall. Meanwhile, the action heats up back in Edgefield as Swirzer's husband, Loman, is caught with his fingers in the till.LAST MONTH in ARMY@LOVE:War: It's the ultimate peak life experience. After ten years of war in Afbaghistan, a crisis in military recruiting has led to Motivation&Morale's marketing initiatives designed to keep the troops happy by any means necessary -- from allowing cell phones in combat to providing top-secret sex retreats for their enjoyment. Privates SWITZER and FLABBERGAST have just taken the action up a couple notches by founding the Hot Zone Club - an exclusive group you can only join by having sex under fire. What they don't know is that more than one interested party was listening in on them: SWITZER's home front husband, LOMAN and Motivation&Morale's head honcho, Lieutenant HEALEY. He'll stop at nothing to keep the party rolling -- and doesn't have a clue his wife ALLIE is having an affair with LOMAN.But video of the soldiers' orgies have been found streaming on the internet. So far, Big Finger's shut it down in time, but it all goes up in smoke if Healey can't figure out who's responsible for the leak...


Cover Color by: Jose Villarrubia
Letterer DC Lettering
Penciller Rick Veitch
Written by: Rick Veitch


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Apr 18 2007
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