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The fun and adventure continues with a new volume of the award-winning series featuring everyone's favorite pliable hero! This hardcover is written and illustrated by the legendary Jack Cole, who really hits his stride in this era as Plas and Woozy's hijinks become even more outrageous!The silliness begins with a mysterious murder in Woozy's boarding house and moves on to Woozy being hired as a store detective to foil (with the help of Plas) a tsunami of shoplifting. Then the diabolical Dr. Dratt and his "illuminating gas" give the daffy duo a run for their money. Next, Plas and Woozy assist a nutty professor in establishing a claim to a radium mine in the Arctic. If that weren't enough, our heroes also investigate the murder at The Home for the Aged (though in Cole's hands, it's more of an asylum), assist millionaire Cyrus Van Rooten in settling an old score with a tribe of Indians, get mixed up in a mystery in a maniacal medical school, and visit Futura, a city of the future that's still plagued by crime! And that's not all!Reprinting POLICE COMICS #40-49 and PLASTIC MAN #3 (1945-46), this volume features a half-dozen more adventures, including the first Woozy Winks solo story and an unusual Plastic Man prose story. Plus, an introduction by renowned European comics historian Andreas Knigge!


Inker Jack Cole
Introduction Andreas C Knigge
Letterer Jack Cole
Penciller Jack Cole
Written by: Jack Cole



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Jan 1 2004
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