Graphic Novel


It's been five long years since the events of THUNDERCATS: RECLAIMING THUNDERA, but for Lion-O, it feels like an eternity. An eternity since he disappeared into the Book of Omens and Mumm-Ra was finally able to defeat the Thundercats…In this graphic novel, written by Ford Lytle Gilmore (THUNDERCATS: RECLAIMING THUNDERA) with art by Ed Benes (BIRDS OF PREY), Rob Lea & Joe Pimentel (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer), Lion-O finally is about to reemerge. He doesn't know what's happened in his absence, but he will reclaim his mantle as Lord of the Thundercats and lead his people to victory over Mumm-Ra…or will he? During Lion-O's time away, Mumm-Ra has taken over New Thundera and holds the 'Cats as his prisoners and slaves. Has Lion-O returned too late to save his people? And could there really be a traitor among the Thundercats?


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