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The #DCTV Secrets of CONSTANTINE - Episode 7: "Blessed Are the Damned"

The #DCTV Secrets of CONSTANTINE - Episode 7: "Blessed...

By Tim Beedle Friday, December 5th, 2014

Don't let the smile deceive you. Zed's keeping some secrets.

Aw, Imogen… She seemed like such a nice angel. The sort of angel you’d be happy to bring home to meet your parents. But it appears that angels—like people—aren’t always who they seem. Imogen was certainly keeping a few secrets, but what about tonight’s episode? What dark and mysterious secrets did it hold?

Here are the ones we spotted:

  • It was an episode with some heart. Some angel heart.
  • Who was that man in the back seat?


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 Don’t delve further into the dark arts if you want to stay spoiler free.  But you know you’re going to.  You’ve been warned.










Why Hold on to the Heart?

After Manny seemingly kills Imogen, Zed is left holding Imogen’s heart. Constantine quickly takes it from her, mentioning that it’s concentrated evil. So why hold on to it?

Well, none of us are experts on destroying angel hearts. Perhaps it’s not so easy to do. However, we also don’t have to tell you that Constantine almost always has ulterior motives. In Hellblazer, it’s revealed that one of the only ways to kill an angel is to destroy its heart. However, if you remove an angels heart and hold onto it, you can compel that angel to do your bidding. Is it possible Imogen is still alive and Constantine’s looking for a way to control her? Having a fallen angel in your pocket would be a powerful tool indeed…

Resurrecting a Classic Cult

At the very end of tonight’s episode, Eddie, the model from Zed’s art class, calls her after she fails to show up for their date. When he hangs up, we discover that he wasn’t alone. Sitting in his back seat is a sinister looking man wearing a very prominent cross. So who is he?

Fans familiar with the earlier Hellblazer comics will know that he’s a part of the Resurrection Crusade, a religious cult determined to bring about the second coming of Christ. In the comics, the Resurrection Crusade has some pretty powerful otherworldly support...and some equally sinister opposition. Whether we’ll be seeing any of this on the show remains to be discovered, along with why the Crusade seems to be interested in Zed.

If you’re curious about the Resurrection Crusade, they first appear in HELLBLAZER #4.

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