Everyone can understand the fear of seeing your beliefs and ideals become twisted and deformed—of seeing everything you stand for reflected darkly back at you. Unfortunately for Superman, and the world itself, he experiences this very thing every single time he faces Bizarro.

An imperfect clone of Superman, Bizarro possesses all of the hero's amazing abilities and none of his moral restraints. He stands for the exact opposite of everything Superman represents, a warped reflection of the Man of Steel's inherent heroism. The uncontrollable villain rampages through the world, causing mass devastation and destruction, his twisted perspective making him as committed to causing violence as Superman is to stopping it. His faulty logic, broken speech and backwards morality make him unable to see his actions as wrong. Instead, he whole-heartedly believes he is acting in the correct manner, and that it is the Man of Tomorrow who is committing the acts of villainy.

Broken, but brutally violent and incredibly unpredictable, Bizarro is one of the world’s most dangerous threats—and a terrifying example of the destructive potential Superman holds.

Character Facts

super strength, flight, invulnerability, super speed, heat vision, freeze breath, x-ray vision, superhuman hearing, healing factor
First Appearance
SUPERBOY #68 (1958)

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