Lex Luthor

Other people may see Superman as the greatest hero the world has ever known—a benevolent being with tremendous power, a strange visitor here to help. But one man sees him as something else entirely: a threat—a creature whose very existence hinders humanity, preventing it from ever reaching its true potential.

A self-made man whose immeasurable intellect is always in conflict with his equally immeasurable ego, Lex Luthor is one of the world's most brilliant minds and most famous villains. From a young age, Lex utilized his almost unparalleled acumen to build himself a financial empire through hard work and dedication—but mainly through the strategic use of intimidation, bribery and murder. Sacrificing other people became simply a means to an end on the path to success, but Luthor always made sure none of his deplorable acts could be traced back to him. Instead, his climb to power and rise in status made him someone to look up to, someone people wanted to emulate—and he relished in the adoration.

Until it all changed the day Superman appeared and gave the world something else to aspire to.

Driven by jealousy masked with hate over what he perceives to be his stolen place as humanity's true savior, Luthor constantly attempts to destroy and humiliate Superman at every possible opportunity. He's willing to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and go to any extreme necessary to accomplish his goals, not caring one bit about who he hurts. He is a man who not only wants to be seen as a god, but who has convinced himself he's the only one this worlds needs.

Character Facts

genius-level intellect, inexhaustible wealth, political influence



CEO of LexCorp

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