Once Krypton’s greatest military leader, General Dru-Zod was banished to the Phantom Zone for crimes he committed against the people of Krypton. Trapped for years—long past the destruction of his home planet—Zod emerged from his interdimensional prison seeking revenge against the man he blamed for his captivity by going after his jailer’s surviving son: Kal-El of Krypton, the hero known as Superman.

Like all Kryptonians, Zod gains an array of powers after exposure to Earth’s yellow sun—including, but not limited to, super-strength, flight, super-speed, invulnerability, heat vision and x-ray vision. Beyond his physical abilities, Zod also possess a dangerously intelligent mind with a gift for strategy.

A leader by nature, Zod tends give orders on the battlefield rather than jumping directly into the midst of it, using his subordinates to take down his enemies. However, he is not above joining the battle himself, using his own highly efficient combat skills to force his enemies to kneel before him.

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