Blue Beetle

High school, dating, parents, acne, figuring out what you’re going to do with your life after graduation… Let’s face it, it’s stressful being a teenager. The urge to fit in and live a normal life free of embarrassment is overwhelming. So it’s a fair bet that being targeted by an alien artifact that resembles a big bug to become a super hero known as Blue Beetle probably wasn’t high on Jaime Reyes’ playlist.

Jaime wasn’t much different than other teenagers. He wanted to fit in at school and perhaps gain a bit more attention from Brenda Del Vecchio, his feisty female friend. At home, he constantly wished he could do more to help his struggling family. But he got more responsibility than he ever dreamed possible the day an alien doomsday weapon known as the Blue Beetle scarab chose Jaime as its new guardian, gifting him with dangerous weaponry, full body armor and the power of flight.

As if helming a weapon designed to force its wearer to conquer the planet wasn’t bad enough, his new power has quickly drawn a small army of equally powerful enemies that present a very real threat to Jaime and those he loves. But while tangling with Blood Beetle, La Dama and The Reach may not have been part of his plan, Jaime’s accepted that his powers can do a lot of good for his community and world…as long as he can keep his domineering new suit under control.

Character Facts

alien technology, super strength, flight, durability, instant weaponry, combat skill


First Appearance
Real Name

Jaime Reyes

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