Booster Gold

If movie stars and athletes serve as the icons of our modern, sponsor-driven age, then surely super heroes would be the ultimate celebrities. Strap on a power suit, take to the sky (making sure to fly over any cities of influence) and do your part to save the world…after the cameras have arrived. It’s a surefire formula for instant fame. 

At least, it seemed that way to Michael Jon Carter. Born far in the future, Michael was a star quarterback before he was caught betting on his own games. His reputation ruined, he stole a power suit and journeyed to the past, where he branded himself Booster Gold and used his powers and his knowledge of our future to mold himself into a super hero. Michael sought the fame he once had as a star athlete, and his new identity brought sponsorships, endorsement deals and a verified Twitter account. But it also brought something else—responsibility.

As a time-traveler, Booster Gold understands how delicate our timeline is, and he often finds himself protecting the timestream. But in the ultimate irony for a fame-seeker, no one can ever know it’s him. After all, if people find out what he’s doing, it could change history and threaten the timestream. It’s a responsibility that Booster Gold has come to take seriously, suggesting that there may be more driving this spotlight-loving hero than a simple quest for adoration. Even if he does spend as much time signing autographs as he does saving lives.

Character Facts

Advanced technology, Knowledge of the future, Super strength, Flight, Durability, Energy blasts, Force fields
Real Name

Michael Jon Carter

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