Born on the planet Thanagar, Shayera Hol joined the police force in her adolescent years and grew to become one of the planet’s fiercest warriors and most decorated officers. During an assignment, Shayera chased a criminal to Earth and became fascinated by the planet and its people. After capturing and delivering the fugitive to Thanagar, Shayera decided to return to Earth and use her experience as a force of good to bring the same level of justice to her new home as she did her old as the high-flying hero known as Hawkgirl.

Hawkgirl’s abilities stem from the mysterious gravity-defyting Nth metal only native to her home planet of Thanagar. The metal serves as the basis for much of the planet’s technological advancements and makes the Thanagarian weapon system unique throughout the galaxy.

The metal, coupled with a synthetic pair of wings, allows Hawkgirl to fly and also grants her enhanced strength and the ability to heal more quickly from injury. In battle, she wields swords and maces forged from the mysterious alloy, which allow her to disrupt magic and deflect blasts of energy.  However, regardless of her weapons powerful properties, Shayera is an expert warrior and is incredibly deadly with her trusty mace.

Shayera is dedicated to the pursuit of justice and uses all of her skills and abilities to battle those that would harm the innocent. Her penchant for violence honed growing up on her home planet often makes other heroes and law enforcement from Earth uneasy. Yet despite her warlike nature, Hawkgirl is viewed by both friend and foe as a warrior for justice that will protect the planet and its people with her very life.

Character Facts

flight, enhanced strength, healing factor, weapons expert, combat skill


First Appearance
Real Name

Shayera Hol/Kendra Saunders (Earth 2)

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