A man out of time. A man of out place. But not a man without a mission. That mission? Dispatching justice to the criminals of the world—especially if it involves a mace to the face.

Originally hailing from the planet Thanagar, Hawkman is the world's fiercest attacker and one of its most feared warriors. With his wings and his trusty mace, Hawkman patrols the skies with a savage intensity. Hawkman’s weapons and artificial wings both are forged from the mysterious Nth metal, which can only found on his home planet. They grant him the power of flight as well as enhanced strength and healing.

Hotheaded, impatient, and single-minded and unrelenting in his drive, Hawkman ranks as one of the world's greatest heroes—but also one of its most dangerous. Many people fear Hawkman’s savage brutality and his penchant for violence, but that appears to be just the attitude he wants them to have.

His barbaric methods and disregard for rules and regulations often put him at odds with law enforcement and his fellow heroes, but through it all, Hawkman's personal code and sense of justice prevail above all else—it just so happens that personal code and sense of justice also involves smashing many things

Character Facts

flight, enhanced strength, weapons expert, combat skill


First Appearance
Real Name

Carter Hall

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